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    Beginning in aerial photography and digital photogrammetry, Photomapping has provided spatial information services to clients in Australia and Asia since 1969. We employ 35 staff in our North Melbourne and Bendigo Offices that we share with affiliated company United Photo and Graphic Services. Our airborne capture operates throughout Australia and South East Asia.
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  • Aerial Imagery

    Photomapping are experts specialising in acquiring and producing high-resolution imagery and photogrammetric products. We can provide aerial photography acquisition and production services for your project anywhere across Australia, Asia and the Pacific region. As well as providing traditional oblique photography, stereographic and orthographic imagery, our service in this area opens
    • Aerial Photography

      Photomapping can provide aerial photography for your project for any location in Australia, Asia and the Pacific region, capturing the latest imagery to your specification and then supply all of the photogrammetric mapping or image production services you require to complete your project. Camera Systems: Leica ADS80 SH92 large-format Digital
    • Digital Orthophoto

      Photomapping Services specialises in high-resolution orthophoto imagery production including digital orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from raw aerial survey photography and digital image capture. Orthophotos coupled with a topographic mapping project give a precise reference (backdrop) tool that enhances the users understanding of any project area. Combined into orthophoto mosaics the
  • Historic Imagery

    Photomapping Services have access to a vast array of aerial photography and satellite imagery covering dating as early as the 1930’s. Our archives include imagery coverage of all states of Australia and various other countries and combines resources from our own projects and those of State and Commonwealth Governments. Archived
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  • Mapping

    Modern mapping products are delivered across a broad range of mediums and spatial relationships can be visualised and represented in countless ways. At Photomapping Services all the work we do has some foundation in mapping and the spatial sciences. We provide mapping services for projects of all sizes from the
    • GIS Services

      What is GIS? A Geographic Information System (GIS), is a tool used to capture, store, analyse and manage mapping data (also referred to as spatial, location based or geographic information) and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth. Photomapping utilise an array of advanced GIS software and spatial
    • 3D visualisation

      Using a combination of LiDAR and imagery captured by Photomapping, virtual worlds can be created. These virtual worlds can be viewed as fly-throughs allowing you to observe more aspects of the project area. Photomapping have produced fly-throughs for mine sites which allow for features to be viewed at various scales.
    • Photogrammetry

      Photomapping Services can provide start to finish photogrammetry services for your project ranging from Aerial Photography acquisition through to cartographic finalisation or GIS compilation. We use softcopy photogrammetry to collect data on numerous features specific to our customers' data management regime. Photogrammetry is the technique of determining the geometric properties