Aerial Imagery

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Photomapping are experts specialising in acquiring and producing high-resolution imagery and photogrammetric products. We can provide aerial photography acquisition and production services for your project anywhere across Australia, Asia and the Pacific region. As well as providing traditional oblique photography, stereographic and orthographic imagery, our service in this area opens the doorway to value-added imagery processing by way of rapid semi-global matching (SGM) point-cloud generation for 3D modelling; image analysis and segmentation using remote sensing techniques; and photogrammetric mapping.

Our flight capacity is second to none, with access to a range of fixed-wing twin-engine aircraft operating throughout Australia seven days per week. New aerial photography acquisitions are primarily conducted using one of our cutting-edge Leica ADS80 Large-Format Digital Sensor Systems which can be mobilised on demand to service your project.

Photomapping also provide access to huge library of archived historic photography Australia wide; Victoria wide coverages of recent imagery and LiDAR data as a authorised on-seller for the Department of Environment and Primary Industries; and our own library of independent acquisitions.

If you would like more information on how we may assist you with your aerial photographic mapping solution please contact us.

Camera Systems:

  • Leica ADS80 SH92 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 12 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic, true-colour and near-infrared imagery
  • Leica ADS80 SH81 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 8 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic and nadir true-colour and near-infrared imagery
  • Medium Format Trimble Digital Camera (IR and True Colour) integrated with LiDAR.
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Aerial Photography Services include:

  • Capture and production of GNSS/IMU or ground survey controlled aerial photography
  • Orthographic and stereographic photography provision
  • Sales of existing photography, orthophoto data and digital data from photographic products
  • Oblique aerial photography – fixed wing / helicopter
  • Processing and printing of aerial photographs, diapositives, enlargements and mosaics
  • High resolution scanning of new and existing archival photography
  • GPS ground control surveys using Trimble GPS receivers
  • Rapid semi-global matching point cloud generation (SGM)
  • Terrain and 3D modelling
  • Photogrammetric mapping
  • Image analysis and interpretation