Precise Spatial Solutions

Photomapping Services can provide start to finish photogrammetry services for your project ranging from Aerial Photography acquisition through to cartographic finalisation or GIS compilation. We use softcopy photogrammetry to collect data on numerous features specific to our customers' data management regime.

Photogrammetry is the technique of determining the geometric properties of objects from photographic images where the 3D coordinates of points, features or objects can be determined by measurements made in two or more photographs taken from different positions using the principles of triangulation. Precise calibration of the camera, measurement of the position and orientation of the camera, and of the platform in flight, is essential to enable ortho-rectification of the photographs.

In the course of a photogrammetrical project we can provide:

  • GPS Control
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airborne GPS and Triangulation
  • Triangulation & Adjustments
  • Precise Photogrammetric Observations
  • Contour and Feature Mapping

Utilising leading edge softcopy photogrammetric and ESRI ArcGISTM workstations, our highly experienced teams can process an array of photogrammetric products from ortho-rectified photography, mosaicing, to digital 3D elevation products including spot heights, contours and breaklines, right through to advanced softcopy topographic mapping.

Specialist Production Equipment

  • Softcopy Photogrammetric Workstations
  • ESRI ArcGIS™ Workstations
  • Trimble™ GPS Receivers
  • Kodak™ 1811 Versamat film processor
  • Geosystem Delta™ precise large format scanners
  • HEPA filtered room under positive pressure for precision scanner operations

Photomapping Services provides solutions to the highly specialised needs of our customers to compile datasets from photogrammetry such as the following:

  • Detailed Drainage Studies
  • Road & Pipeline Studies
  • Asset Management
  • Terrain Models: Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) / Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Spot Heights, Contours, and Breaklines

Photomapping Services photogrammetric expertise can be leveraged to provide other allied services from our portfolio of solutions. Examples of this would be where Photomapping Services can further value add to a photogrammetric project by producing orthophotos (Digital Imagery) or enriching the data for use in GIS.

Photomapping Services are industry leaders in mapping and GIS solutions. If you would like more information on how we can assist you with a photogrammetric mapping solution, please contact us today.

Contour Mapping

  • superimposed over an orthophoto
  • useful to determine irrigation requirements
  • useful to determine drainage requirements
  • ideal for rural property mapping
  • Flying Scale: 1:10,000

Precise Photogrammetry

  • 3D model of a busy intersection and railway junction
  • useful for urban infrastructure planning
  • useful for infrastructure design and modelling
  • Flying Scale: 1:3,000

Detailed Drainage Studies

  • 3D model of extensive drainage network
  • useful to optimize drainage systems
  • ideal for high density urban mapping
  • Flying Scale: 1:6,000