Company Profile

Precise Spatial Solutions

Photomapping Services provides precise spatial solutions economically.

Beginning in aerial photography and digital photogrammetry, Photomapping has provided spatial information services to clients in Australia and Asia since 1969. We employ 35 staff in our North Melbourne and Bendigo Offices that we share with affiliated company United Photo and Graphic Services. Our airborne capture operates throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Our experienced and highly qualified team of GIS specialists, photogrammetrists, cartographers, data analysts, aerial photographers, LiDAR engineers, navigators and spatial professionals provide our clients high quality, cost effective and tailored mapping solutions. Our Photomapping team brings together a wealth of experience, specialist skills and knowledge from working with defence mapping organisations, government and industry.

Photomapping provides solutions in many industries including:

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Engineering
  • Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Development
  • Agriculture
  • Road design
  • Maintenance


Photomapping are the mapping and airborne imagery specialists with a focus on delivering spatial solutions including:

professional | cost effective | technical expertise


We have dedicated 7 days a week access to a range of modern twin-engine fixed-wing aircraft either owned or leased under long term service agreements. Select aircraft are configured to house multiple advanced capture platforms:

  • Optech ALTM Gemini 167kHz LiDAR with integrated medium format 39 megapixel trimble digital camera (infra-red and true colour)
  • Leica ADS80 SH92 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 12 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic, true-colour and near-infrared imagery
  • Leica ADS80 SH81 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 8 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic and nadir true-colour and near-infrared imagery

Coupled with our world class ADS80 and LiDAR laser measurement technology, are our PAV gyro-stabilised mounts and LEICA / LITTON Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), the most advanced position and orientation systems available for airborne vehicles with integrated airborne GNSS.


Photomapping operates a quality system based on the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008. The company maintains an effective program to ensure all employees are fully trained to carry out the quality management system and we are affiliated active participants in relevant and allied industry and professional associations. Our directors are regular speakers, participants and thought leaders in industry and professional forums. The company will continue to work with customers to provide a service that is professional, friendly and timely using cost effective and appropriate technology that ensures the products meet our customers' expectations.

Photomapping ensures that our experienced team and specialist skills, as well as technical expertise, are fully utilised in the delivery of cost effective and tailored mapping solutions.