Airborne LIDAR

Precise Spatial Solutions

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology that utilises non-visible light to map the ground surface and objects present on the surface of our Earth.

A LiDAR system emits outgoing laser pulses of variable strength and frequency as it travels across a project area. Outgoing laser pulses are reflected from the ground and surface objects and recaptured by the LiDAR sensor; the time delay between transmission and detection of each pulse return provides the distance from the sensor to the surface object.

LiDAR is the most suitable technology for mapping the ground through forested landscapes. Penetrating laser pulses can capture ground and sub-canopy locations that are difficult to interpret in airborne imagery or survey in ground surveying circumstances.

Photomapping Services’ Optech ALTM Gemini LiDAR system can service all your terrain modelling requirements. Our aircraft mounted LiDAR system collects as many as four returns per outgoing pulse, recording a dense 3D point cloud. Our experienced LiDAR team will then process your surveyed point cloud into an accurate 3D data set allowing for the creation of derived products such as DEMs, DTMs, canopy and foliage cover models and 3D visualisations.

LiDAR and its derived products are suitable to service a wide range of terrain modelling, environmental monitoring, infrastructure development and traditional aerial survey project requirements.

Photomapping’s dedicated range of fixed-wing twin-engine aircraft operating throughout Australia seven days per week. Our airborne LiDAR system is ready to deploy on demand to service your project.

For more information on how our LiDAR system may be employed to service your project please Contact us

System specifications:

  • Optech ALTM Gemini 167kHz LiDAR
  • Coupled with a LITTON LN–200 IMU inertial position and orientation system of US military standard
  • Integrated airborne GNSS
  • Trimble Aerial Camera for simultaneous imagery acquisition
Combined LiDAR Elevation Data

LiDAR Sample 1:

Combined LiDAR elevation data with 15cm digital camera imagery.

LiDAR Sample 2:

LiDAR elevation data with pseudo colour against elevation.


LiDAR Sample 3:

LiDAR elevation data, Non-Ground On.


LiDAR Sample 4:

LiDAR elevation data, Non-Ground Off, Ground Generalisation .


LiDAR Sample 5:

LiDAR elevation data, Vegetation On.


LiDAR Sample 6:

LiDAR elevation data, Vegetation Off, Ground Generalisation.