Aerial Photography

Precise Spatial Solutions

Photomapping can provide aerial photography for your project for any location in Australia, Asia and the Pacific region, capturing the latest imagery to your specification and then supply all of the photogrammetric mapping or image production services you require to complete your project.

Camera Systems:

  • Leica ADS80 SH92 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 12 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic, true-colour and near-infrared imagery
  • Leica ADS80 SH81 large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensor with 8 channel capture, providing multi-perspective panchromatic and nadir true-colour and near-infrared imagery
  • Zeiss LMK 2000, 152mm lens with anti-vignetting filter, equipped with Full Image Motion Compensation, Gyro-stabilised platform, also compatible with our IMU
  • Medium Format 39 Megapixel ROLLEI Digital Camera (IR and True Colour) integrated with LiDAR.

Flight Capability

Our selection of state-of-the-art airborne LiDAR and photo capture systems are installed in a range of fixed-wing twin-engine aircraft based at Essendon airport allows rapid deployment throughout. Rotary aircraft are also available upon request and when job specifications demand. Our dedicated flight service ensures 7-days a week availability and zero downtime.

Aerial Photography Services include:

  • Sales of existing photography, orthophoto data and digital data from photographic products
  • GPS controlled vertical aerial photography including full image motion compensation
  • Oblique aerial photography – fixed wing / helicopter
  • Processing and printing of aerial photographs, diapositives, enlargements and mosaics
  • High resolution scanning of new and existing archival photography
  • GPS ground control using Trimble GPS receivers

Using current photographic data and a mapping or GIS solution will provide you with a model of the project area which gives you the tools to make more efficient decisions. Once we have collected aerial photography over your project location, we can then use the aerial photography in a number of ways depending on the information you need for your specific project. Some examples include map production, photogrammetry, orthophoto image production and GIS services. Utilising Photomapping’s aerial photography is a foundation for more advanced data collection and presentation.

Photomapping are industry leaders in mapping and GIS solutions. If you would like more information on how we can assist you with an aerial photographic mapping solution, please contact us.

We also have access to both the Victorian and Australian Government Archives and the many aerial photography projects we have completed independently.

Leica ADS80 Large Format Digital Sensors (SH81 & SH92)
Dynamic Range CCD Chain 12-bit
Resolution A/D Converter 16-bit
Data Channel 16-bit
Spectral Range (420nm – 920nm) Panchromatic, RGB, Near-Infrared
Spectral Bands ?(nm) Panchromatic
465 – 676
604 – 664
533 – 587
420 – 492
833 – 920
Field of View 64° across track
Focal Plates Sensor Head SH81
  • One four band beam splitter
  • 8 CCD Lines (12,000 pixels wide)
  • 6.5 ?m pixel size
  • 2 single Pan lines (Forward and Backward)
  • 2 staggered Pan lines (Nadir)
  • 4 Spectral lines: RGB and NIR (Nadir)
Sensor Head SH92
  • Two four band beam splitters
  • 12 CCD Lines (12,000 pixels wide)
  • 6.5 ?m pixel size
  • 2 single Pan lines (Forward and Backward)
  • 2 staggered Pan lines (Nadir)
  • 8 Spectral lines: RGB and NIR (Nadir and Backward)
Position and Orientation System Leica Integrated IMU and External GNSS Reciever
Mounting Leica PAV80 gyro-stabilised sensor mount